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How to Import PC Law Contacts into Clio


  • Migrate from PC Law.
  • PC Law Migration.
  • Import data from PC Law.
  • Get data from PC Law to Clio.


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  1. Export Contacts from PC Law.  Instructions can be found HERE
  2. Open the exported Document 'open matt.doc' in Microsoft Word
  3. Highlight all headers (shown in caps) and copy the information to your clipboard.
  4. Open the exported Document 'contacts.csv' in Microsoft Excel
  5. Right-click on 1 from Rows
  6. Click Insert
  7. Select Column A/Row 1 with your cursor
  8. Right-click and select Paste
  9. Re-save 'contacts.csv' with the changes
  10. Navigate to Clio's Import Page HERE and select Add.
  11. Select Matters and Contacts from PC Law from Import drop-down
  12. Responsible Attorney and Matter Status can be left blank.
  13. Select Choose File
  14. Select the previously saved 'contacts.csv'
  15. Click Upload File


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