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Clio Product Updates

April 2019


April 2019


February 2019


January 2019


December 2018


November 2018


October 2018


September 2018


August 2018


July 2018

  • Bill Payment Edits - correct erroneous invoice payments to ensure that your Clio records are accurate.
  • Outlook Add-in update - file multiple emails from Outlook to Clio with enhanced speed and convenience via an infinitely scrolling list.


June 2018

  • Payment Plans - schedule recurring credit card payments to automatically collect on amounts owed or to replenish client trust accounts.
  • Improvements to Clio Exports - get more useful information when exporting data from Clio.


May 2018


April 2018


March 2018

  • Matter status in bulk - change Matter statuses from the Matter listing page.
  • Matters CSV export - display more data in the New Clio experience—every column you would get from the previous Clio experience, and up to five custom field columns.
  • Screen printing - display more important information and removes the sidebar menu.


February 2018


January 2018


December 2017

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