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Attorneys Initials Are Still Showing Beside Expenses When I Have Removed the Option in Bill Themes


  • Bill Theme Settings states that Attorney Initials should not be showing but they still are 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

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  • Not only does the "Attorney" heading need to be moved to the hidden column in your "orderings" settings in the Matter section of Bill Themes, but you must also have your Time and Expenses split. 


  1. Navigate to Bill Themes under Settings -> Billing
  2. Click into the Bill Theme you want to edit (Please be aware that any edits are live and will affect existing Bills associated with this Bill Theme)
  3. Select Matter (left hand menu) > Line items (middle menu) > make sure "Split Time, Expenses and Products" is checked off
  4. This edit will autosave


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