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Why Would I Mark a Matter as Non-Billable?


  • I want to confirm why I'd mark a Matter as Non-Billable
  • I don't want a non-billable Matter to display on myFirm Metrics / Billable Hours Target Dashboard 


  • Clio Manage 

Additional Information:


  • When a Matter is not checked as Billable, the Matter and all relevant Activities will not show as Billable under the Billable Clients subtab. This ensures that, when working in the Billable Clients section, this Matter does not get mixed in with your regular monthly billings. 
  • The reason for listing a Matter as non-billable will vary from Firm to Firm, but in marking a Matter as non-billable, you're still able to track your Time/Expenses without generating a Bill for the time. When the Matter is completed, you can then change the status to Closed. In doing this, you're able to accurately monitor the work you're doing for your non-billable Clients, but these Matters will not affect your Revenue Reporting. 
  • This will prevent the time from being calculated on the "Billable Hours Target" on the main Dashboard. This helps when separating Billable from non-billable time.
  • All time entries associated with non-billable matters will be non-billable time entries, learn more about non-billable time entries here.


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