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How to Duplicate Documents Using Clio Launcher


  • How Can I Duplicate Documents in Clio?
  • How Can I Copy Documents in Clio?
  • How do I Save the Same Document in Clio?


  • Clio Manage

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  1. Navigate to the Documents tab in Clio
  2. Locate the Document you want to create a duplicate of
  3. Click the Clio Launcher icon beside that Document to open it
  4. Once it has opened, click the Clio icon in the Menu Bar (Mac) or the System Tray (PC) of your computer

  5. Click the arrow beside the Document that you would like to create a copy of
  6. Click Make a copy of this file in Clio

  7. Fill in the Document name field, choose the Matter and location of the new Document

  8. Click Create document
  9. Navigate back to Clio and you will see this duplicate Document on the Matter chosen above
  10. To now edit this duplicate Document to accurately reflect the new Matter/Client, click the Clio Launcher icon beside the new Document, make any changes needed and click Save to save it back to Clio


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