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What Does the Operating Account Balance Mean?


  • What is an Operating Account Balance


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  • If you would like to generate a report that shows you the Clients funds in Operating click here


The operating account as the place in Clio where:

1) Client non-trust funds are held to be used to pay future bills, and

2) The place in Clio where payments to bills are recorded.

From 1), balance will increase when a client overpays/pre-pays, and balance (for that client) will return to $0 once those funds are used to pay a bill.

From 2), as bills are paid in Clio, the balance in the operating account goes up and up.

Clio isn't an accounting software, so you do not record your operating expenses in Clio. As such, you may consider the operating account balance as a cumulative total of all of your revenue recorded in Clio.

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