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Evergreen Management

Easily track, maintain, and replenish trust balances with Clio's Evergreen Management feature suite. By using these features, you can set up and manage evergreen retainers at your firm.

Evergreen Management is comprised of three features:

Trust Balance Notification

The first step to managing your evergreen retainers is to set up a minimum amount of trust funds you want to have, and specify which firm user(s) you want to receive a notification if the trust fund level drops below that threshold.

To set up Trust Balance Notifications:

  1. Navigate to the Matter you want to specify the minimum trust fund level for
  2. Click Edit matter in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Scroll down to the Billing preferences section
  4. Click the checkbox below Trust Balance Notification
  5. Enter a trust balance minimum threshold for this Matter
  6. Select one or more firm users to receive an email notification if the Matter trust funds drop below the threshold
  7. Click Save matter

If the Matter trust funds drop below the threshold, the specified recipients will receive an email notification.

Matter Dashboard Updates

Once you set up your trust balance notification settings, the minimum threshold will be displayed on the Matter dashboard.

If the Matter trust funds drop below the minimum threshold, this will be indicated on the Matter dashboard as well.

Trust Management Report

The Trust Management Report gives firms a view of unbilled activities, trust account balances, and minimum trust thresholds. You can use it to do a cash flow analysis regarding your billable work and your trust fund holdings.

For details, see the "Trust Management Report" article.

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