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Unexpected Balance Due on the Statements of Account for a Multi-Matter Bill


  • Outstanding Balance Shown although no outstanding bills
  • Amount outstanding higher than expected on Statements of Accounts
  • Statements of Accounts incorrect that include multi-Matter invoices


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:



When a Credit Note was applied to a multi-Matter bill, the amount credited was not equally distributed between each Matter in the multi-Matter bill.

(e.g. If you owed $100 on the first Matter, and $200 on the second Matter on the same multi-Matter bill, $300 was credited to the first Matter, and $0 was credited to the second)


  1. Go to the affected Bill
  2. Note the details of the Credit Note (Date and Description)
  3. Delete the Credit Note
  4. Create a new Credit Note (with the details recorded in Step 2)


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