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Can I keep my Old Matter Numbering Scheme when Migrating to Clio?


  • Keeping original Matter Numbers
  • Retaining the Case Number scheme
  • Transfer Case Names to Clio
  • Keep File Names from other software in Clio
  • Am I able to keep my former practice management software numbering in Clio? 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

One way to keep your Matter Numbering system from your old software would be to set your Clio Matter Numbering to manual. This article on How To Set Matter Numbering To Manual will assist in this process. Please note that Matter Numbering is not automatic when set to manual you will need to manually enter a number/name for each new Matter that you create in Clio.


Yes, it is possible to keep the original numbering scheme from your previous practice management software with a few requirements. When exporting the data from the previous practice management software, the data set must contain a section with the original numbers in relation to the respective Matters. The original numbers must also be unique as numbers cannot be reused in Clio. Having a 'unique identifier' with your Matter numbers will ensure that all other data associated with your Matters are linked up correctly. Your migration specialist will be able to view your data and confirm that it is possible to keep your old numbering scheme.


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