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How to Bulk Apply a Specific Bill Theme to Matter Bills Using Custom Fields


  • Generate Bills using a specific Bill Theme
  • Can I Assign a Bill Theme to a Matter?
  • Determine if a Matter can have it's own specific Bill Theme


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • There is currently no automatic way to associate a specific Bill Theme to a Matter or Client. However, the section below is a workaround that can guide you through setting up a Matter Custom Field that you can use when bulk generating Bills that should have a specific Bill Theme assigned to them. Essentially you can set it up so that all Matters with the same Custom Field value have the same Bill Theme applied. 
  • For steps on how to assign a bill theme to an existing bill, click here


  1. Create a Matter Custom Field to specify the Bill Theme for each Matter (Suggested: Picklist with an option for each Bill Theme)
  2. Edit any applicable Matters to select the appropriate Bill Theme within this Custom Field
  3. Go to Bills
  4. Select Billable Clients
  5. Click Filter
  6. Click Add Matter Custom Field
  7. Select the Custom Field created in Step 1
  8. Select the appropriate value from the next menu
  9. Check the Select All box at the top of the page
  10. Click Generate
  11. In the "Generate invoices" window, under Change bill theme, select the appropriate theme
  12. Make any other selections needed
  13. Click Generate bills
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