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Why Is Some of My Data Not Included on Contact Exports?


  • Missing addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses when exporting my persons and companies
  • Contacts Export from Exports Page


  • Clio Manage
  • Excel
  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

When exporting Contacts, Clio follows the formatting standards of Outlook Contact CSVs, which only permits a single address (of a given type), phone number (of a given type), or email address. Clio uses the Outlook Contact CSV format as its export format since it is a standard convention used for importing and exporting between many different software. 


If there are multiple addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses of the same type (e.g. Work phone number, or Billing address), Clio will only export the first record of a given type. Only the primary email address will be included on the export. Phone number types or: Other, Pager, Skype currently will not be included on the export. The data in these fields will need to be manually entered into the exported CSV file under their respective columns. 


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