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How Do I Update a Client's Bill to Show Their New Payment Profile?


  • How Do I Update A Bill To Show Interest
  • How Do I Update My Bill To Show A New Payment Profile
  • Why Is My New Payment Profile Not Showing On My Bill


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Additional Information:

If you generate a new Bill the interest will be applied to those funds. If you have payments rollover from another bill, those will not gain interest. 

When changing Payment Profiles, you will need to delete any payments, void and then regenerate the Bill to fully update it.


Before deleting anything take note of any important information. Such as Dates, Accounts, Amount of Payment or Cheque Numbers.

  1. If you have any Payments made on the Bill, Delete those Payments. 
  2. Under the More Actions button, click Void.
  3. Go to the Matter and Click Quick Bill.
  4. Remove any Activities you do not want on this Bill by clicking the red X on the right.
  5. Click Show Options and backdate the Bill.
  6. Click Generate Bill
  7. If you had any Payments on the Bill, move the Bill to Awaiting Payment and reapply those Payments.
  8. The Interest will show after 24h


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