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How Does Clio's QuickBooks Desktop Export/Import Work?


  • Export Data from Clio into QuickBooks Desktop
  • How Do I reconcile my accounting with QuickBooks Desktop?
  • Do Contacts Export Over Into QuickBooks Desktop


  • Clio Manage
  • QuickBooks Desktop

Additional Information:

This export process uses the default accounts created in QuickBooks Desktop under the Legal Service set up. If you have re-named those accounts or modified their status you will need to re-map the exports in order for QuickBooks Desktop to know where the data is supposed to be going. The re-mapping instructions can be found here, under Advanced Settings.  

Backup your QuickBooks Desktop files before starting this process. If you do not perform the backup you will NOT be able to undo this action if you discover that you missed an item in the date range or included an incorrect transaction in your data. You will be stuck with it.

Just the Contacts that are Associated with the bills will get imported over

You can export your information from Clio on any subscription.


  1. Export your Invoices from Clio (see here)
  2. Import your Invoices into QuickBooks Desktop (see here)
  3. Export your Operating Account Transactions from Clio (see here)
  4. Import your Operating Account Transactions into QuickBooks Desktop (see here)
  5. Link the Payments to the Invoices (see here)
  6. Export your Trust Account Transactions from Clio (see here)
  7. Import your Trust Account into QuickBooks Desktop (see here)


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