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How Do I Add a Dropbox Image to My Bills?


  • Add a signature from a file in Dropbox to your Clio Bill Theme


  • Clio Manage
  • Dropbox

Additional Information:

If the Dropbox link does not work, please change ?dl=0 to ?raw=1 at the end of the URL. For additional information, you can look at Adding Images to Your Bill Theme Footer


  1. Upload the image to Dropbox
  2. Click on Share
  3. Click on Create a link (make sure the link is accessible by everyone)
  4. Click Copy link
  5. Access Clio
  6. Go to Settings
  7. Select Billing
  8. Choose Bill Themes
  9. Click on the theme that you would like to add the image to
  10. Select Footer > Footer
  11. Click on the image (mountain) icon for the Payable Statement or Invoice Memo
  12. Paste the link into the Source field
  13. In the URL, replace the with
  14. Click Ok


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