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What is a "Client ID" Error in LEDES


  • I'm receiving a Client ID error when submitting my LEDES bills.
  • My invoices are being rejected by LEDES because of my Client ID
  • How do I find the source of my Client ID error in Clio?
  • LEDES file is missing a Client Matter Number.
  • What is a Client ID


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Common Errors

  • The Client ID is missing
  • Client ID doesn't match
  • LEDES file is missing a Client Matter Number.


This is a unique but arbitrary number created by Clio and assigned to each Contact. This can be changed from the Edit Contact screen, under the LEDES Client ID field. The default value can be seen in the URL for that Contact (ie/ I have a Contact named Roy Harper. The URL of his Contact Card is so his ID is 910215171 unless a new value is added in the LEDES Client ID field)

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