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Error: Sorry, That is an Invalid Password Reset Code. Please Check Your Code and Try Again (Perhaps Your Email Client Inserted a Line Break?)


  • Unable to reset password 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • n/a


  • (A) The email provider is including extra characters in the password reset link when receiving the password reset email from the Clio Team.

  • (B) You have request a password reset email multiple times and you are not clicking on the most recent link



  1. Highlight the link. Ensure no nonalphanumeric characters are included at the end of the link. View example image below. 
  2. Right-click and select copy 
  3. Paste the link into Word without formatting 
  4. Copy the unformatted link
  5. Paste into a URL bar of the browser 
  6. Select Enter  
  7. Enter in the new password 




  1. Click on the most recent link


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