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How Do I Stop Downloaded Files From Opening Automatically in Google Chrome on a Mac?


  • Stop auto-opening downloads in Chrome
  • Chrome is trying to open files I download
  • The error message that file cannot be opened when downloading QuickBooks IIF file from Clio


  • Google Chrome

Additional Information:

  • For windows, you can change the default program used, for more information click here


Clear Auto-Open Download Preferences 

  1. Download the file that is opening automatically.
  2. Upon downloading the file, in the downloads tray on the bottom the file will show up to display its progress. click on the up arrow " ^ "
  3. a pop-up menu will appear, Click on the checked option for always open files of this type and this will uncheck that option

This can also be done from within settings.

  1. Click the three (vertical) dots in the upper right corner of the chrome browser window
      • If you have a pending update (in Chrome), the three dots will instead be a circle with an arrow
  2. Select Settings
  3. Expand the Advanced section
  4. Under the Downloads section, click to turn on the toggle for Ask where to save each file before downloading
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