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How to Include a Third Party's Name and/or Address on a Bill


  • How to address Bills to a Related Contact
  • How to address Bills to a third party


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Bills in Clio will only be directed to the Client (or Company) on the Matter that is being Billed
  • Since only one person can be listed as the Client for each Matter, the name of the Client will be displayed on the Bill


To include a Related Contact's name on a Bill as well as the primary Client, you can change the address for the Client: 

  1. Access the Contact page of the Client
  2. Click Edit contact
  3. Scroll to the Address or click Add address
  4. Enter the name of the third party in the Street field (e.g. c/o Acme Inc or John Smith), followed by the main Client's street name
  5. Enter the City, State, Zip, and Country for the main Client
  6. Click Save contact

To include a Related Contact's name for one specific Bill:

  1. Open the Bill by clicking on the Invoice number
  2. Navigate to the Options tab on the left-side bar
  3. Under Client Address select Custom Address 
  4. Enter the name and/or address of the third party
  5. Click somewhere else within the screen to refresh the Bill

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