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What is the Difference Between Client Level and Matter Level Trust Funds?


  • Difference Between Client and Matter Level Accounts
  • What are Matter Level funds
  • Matter Trust Fund
  • Matter Operating Account
  • Understand what the Matter level trust fund is.
  • What are Client Level funds
  • Client Trust Fund
  • Client Operating Account
  • Understand what the Client level trust fund is.


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Additional Information:


  • Matter level Trust funds are attached to the specific Matter that they are associated with and can only be used to pay bills on that particular Matter.

  • Client level funds are associated with the Contact and can therefore be used to pay bills for any Matters that are associated with that client, going forward. This option is often used when a Contact has multiple Matters, so that the funds can be applied to bills across all Matters for that Contact.

Please note: You can choose to transfer funds to another Matter for that same Contact or to transfer funds to the Client level, if you would like.


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