I Just Took a Credit Card Payment and it Isn't Appearing on my Bill


  • How long does it take for my Clio Payment to appear on a Invoice after I charge my client's Visa/Mastercard/American Express card?
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  • Why am I not seeing a payment on an invoice?
  • When will my client's credit card payment show?
  • How long after a credit card payment is submitted, until an Invoice is Paid?
  • How Long Does it Take to Process a Credit Card in Clio?
  • Credit card payment not showing


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

While a payment is pending, the amount Pending will appear under the Details section of the Bill page.

Also see: How to tell if my Clio Payment was successful


There is a 24-48 hour processing period between when the payment is submitted and when it is completed. The payment will not be applied to the Bill until the processing is completed.

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