KCS - How Do I Create a Last Activity Report


  • Create a Last Activity Report


  • Clio Web App
  • Excel

Additional Information:

Firms with high case load may require a Last Activity Report. They will need to know when the last time a time entry was logged on an account in the last 90 days or if there has been No Activity, to which the Responsible Attorney on an account will need to investigate.


Requirements: Matter Export File in .csv format and the Client Activity Report, filtered for a specified Time Frame.


  1. Export Open Matters in .csv Format from (https://app.clio.com/nc/#/matters). For the purposes of this report, export only the Matter Number. Open this file.
  2. Generate the Client Activity Report for all clients in .csv format. Set the Date Range accordingly.
  3. Rename this this file Client Activity Report.csv. Open this file.
  4. Sort the Client Activity Report by the ‘Date’ column so that the most recent Time Entry is the first entry in the report.
  5. In your matters report, enter this Formula in cell B2 (the first empty cell beside your first matter number)
    • =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(A2,'Client Activity Report.csv'!$C:$C,1,FALSE))=TRUE,"No Activity",TEXT(VLOOKUP(A2,'Client Activity Report.csv'!$C:$E,3,FALSE),"mm/dd/yyyy"))
  6. Copy this formula and apply the formula across all rows

Result: Using the excel formula above, the firm will now have a report that provides the most recent Time Entry for each Matter. In the event that there is no Time Entry for a Matter, the report will provide a value of ‘No Activity’

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