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How do I Whitelist Clio Emails in Gmail


  • Unable to receive Clio emails or emails sent by Clio


  • Gmail

Additional Information:

For information how to whitelist Clio emails on other email providers, please see: here 

When entering domains to whitelist, enter: @clio.com, @goclio.com, @clio.eu, @goclio.eu


Create a Filter:

  1. Log into your email at gmail.com
  2. Click the Gear icon
  3. Click Settings 
  4. Click on Filters and Blocked Addresses
  5. Click Create a new filter
  6. Enter the domains found in Additional Information in the From field, separated by commas 
  7. Click Create filter with this search >>
  8. Select Never send it to Spam
  9. Click Create Filter 

 If you already have messages in spam:

  1. Navigate to the spam folder 
  2. Search for emails containing the Clio domains
  3. Select all emails shown
  4. Click More 
  5. Click Not Spam

Add the email addresses to your Contacts:

If you have emails that you have noticed go into Spam, you can also add that email to your Contact list. Google will try to deliver all emails from Contacts. Please note you will need to enter an entire email, not just the domain (e.g. notifications@clio.com)

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