How do I Whitelist Clio Emails in Outlook?


  • Unable to receive Clio emails or emails sent by Clio


  • Outlook Web Version
  • Outlook Desktop app

Additional Information:

For information how to whitelist Clio emails on other email providers, please see: here 

When entering domains to whitelist, enter:,,,

This article is relevant for Outlook emails, Windows Live mail, Hotmail, and MSN mail


Online Version:

Add Clio domains to safe senders:

  1. Sign into your Outlook email
  2. Click gear icon on the top right hand corner 
  3. Click Options
  4. Click Junk email on the left hand bar (if not already expanded)
  5. Click Safe senders
  6. Add the domains found in additional information in Enter a sender or domain here ("@" is not needed, just enter "", etc.)
  7. Hit Enter on your keyboard after typing each domain to add it to the list
  8. Click + to add the next domain 

Desktop App:

  1. On the Ribbon , from the Home tab, in the Delete group, select Junk .
  2. From the drop-down list, select Junk E-mail Options .
  3. Select the Safe Senders tab.
  4. Click Add.
  5. In the Add address or domain dialog box, type the domains found in additional information ("@" is not needed, just enter "", etc.)
  6. Click OK

Add the email addresses to your Contacts:

If you have emails that you have noticed go into Spam, you can also add that email to your Contact list. Outlook will try to deliver all emails from Contacts. Please note you will need to enter an entire email, not just the domain (e.g.

There's a possibility that a User has manually created a filter for these kinds of emails on top of the emails being identified as spam. To locate emails like this, please search whitelist the appropriate email, then search the inbox for that email to pull up those messages.

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