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How to Refund a Credit Card Payment


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  • Accidentally recorded a Credit Card transaction and need to refund it
  • Reverse a Credit Card Payment
  • How to Refund a Credit Card Payment through Clio Payments
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Additional Information:

  • You can refund all or part of a payment including payments that span multiple invoices, or multi-matter bills, as well as partial-payments.
  • Separate payments on an Invoice must be refunded separately.
  • If you see the option to Void instead of Refund that simply means your payment hasn't fully completed yet. Once the payment has been approved, the status will change to "Completed" and can no longer be voided. Once a payment has completed, the Void link will be replaced by the Refund option.
  • To see how a refund will appear on a Bill, see here.
  • If an invoice has multiple Matters, refunds will be applied from the newest created Matter to the oldest. 
  • This is for revenue bills only. If you need to do this on a Trust related Clio Payment, we have an article on that here.

If a refund is processing for a Secure Payment Link payment, you will not be able to link it until the refund is complete.

If a refund is processed for a payment that is already linked to a client/Matter, that link will no longer be able to be edited. 


  1. View the Bill you wish to refund the credit card payment on
  2. Above the Bill preview click on the Online Payments tab
  3. You should see your completed payment listed here with a Refund button under actions.
  4. Click on Refund and this will trigger a Refund payment pop up to appear.
  5. In the payment pop up, you will have the option to refund the full or a partial amount of the Bill. 

    If the payment is for multiple invoices, you will have the option to select which invoice the refund is processed for, or all of them:
    Please note: Applying a refund to all invoices will be applied from newest issued invoice to oldest. 

  6. Enter the desired refund amount.
  7. Click Refund payment.
  8. You will get a success banner at the bottom of the screen when this is done processing and your payment record in Clio will update to show the payment was refunded.
  9. You and your client will also be notified of the Refund via an email notification.

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