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Can I Split a Flat/Fixed Fee Entry Between Multiple Bills?


  • Can I create multiple bills based on the same Flat Fee?
  • Monthly Billing of a total Flat Fee Entry
  • Manual Payment Plan
  • Payment Plan but don't take credit cards
  • Breakdown a total Flat Fee into monthly installments
  • Set up small installments for a customer to pay


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

This is a workaround which also works if you want to set up a Payment Plan in Clio but either don't have that feature on your account or if you don't take credit cards.


You can split flat fees across multiple bills on the same matter, but it's a manual process, this isn't an automated ability yet in Clio.

First, you need to create multiple Flat Fee entries that add up to the total Flat Fee you want. The instructions for that are here: How to Create a Flat Rate Entry in a Matter. If you are wanting to bill these on a monthly cadence, make sure you are specifying this date when making the Time Entry.

  • ie Let's say your total Flat Fee is for $5,000, but you want the customer to pay you in 5 monthly installments of $1,000 each. You could create 5 Flat Fee Entries like so:Screen_Shot_2019-06-19_at_11.54.32_AM.png

Second, generate each of these Flat Fee Entries onto their own bill by following the steps for How to Bill for an Activities Date Range in Billable Clients. This way you can search for the "date range" of the special post dated Activities you set up in the step above.

Optional, if you want to show all the unpaid Bills/Flat Fee installments on the most current invoice you send to the client, please enable showing the Detailed Statement of Account on your Bill Themes by following these steps: How to Add / Remove Detailed Statement of Account to Bills. This will show something to the effect of the below image on each invoice you send:


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