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Is it Possible to Export Contacts Who Aren't Linked to Matters?


  • Contact Report
  • Non-Client List 


  • Clio Manage
  • Microsoft Excel

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While you are able to export all Contacts from Clio, you're currently not able to export Contacts that are not Clients in a single step.

To get a list of all Contacts in Clio that are not Clients:

  1. In Clio Export all Contacts to CSV
  2. Export all Clients to CSV by filtering Contacts for Clients
  3. Open the all Contacts CSV in Excel
  4. Paste the list of Clients into the all Contacts CSV (beneath the full list of Contacts)
  5. Select Column A
  6. Click Conditional Formatting 
  7. Select Highlight Cell Rules
  8. Select Duplicate Values... 
  9. Click Okay

The colour of the cell for Contacts that are Clients will be coloured, where all non-Client Contacts will have no Conditional Formatting.

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