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How do the Search Features Work on the iOS and Android Apps?


  • Why is my Contact not coming up when I search the app on my phone? 
  • Does the Search on the mobile app work differently from the web application?
  • Why is my Activity Category not showing in my search when I'm adding a Time Entry on my iPhone?


  • Clio iPhone App
  • Clio iPad App
  • Clio Android App

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The Search on the mobile applications looks for an exact match for the phrase that you've entered. Here are some guidelines: 

  • Search terms must be entered in their exact order (e.g, "Real Estate Sale" will not come up if you search for "Sale Real Estate")
  • If entering multiple search terms, all words that come between must be included (e.g., "Jane A. Doe" will not come up if you search for "Jane Doe")
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