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How do I Sign up for the LawPay Integration in Canada?


  • Set up the LawPay Integration in Canada
  • Process credit cards in Clio as a Canadian
  • Setting up a LawPay account in Canada
  • LawPay Canadian Customer
  • Is the LawPay subscription cost free for Canadians?
  • How does LawPay work for Canadians?


  • LawPay
  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

If you already have a LawPay account, follow the steps here.


  1. Call 1-866-376-0950 to sign up for a LawPay account (this is used to link your bank account(s) to Clio)
  2. Once your LawPay account is set up, go back to Clio to complete the LawPay Integration setup by following the steps here

For information on using the LawPay Integration to receive payment via credit card, click here.

LawPay admin fees (subscription cost) will be absorbed by Clio; however, for credit card processing fees, click here


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