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Can a Client Overpay an Invoice Using the LawPay Integration?


  • Can you receive an overpayment using the LawPay Integration?
  • If you are overpaid on an invoice where does the excess money go?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • For information on how to pay a Bill using an Operating Account Credit, see here.
  • For information on how to refund a LawPay Integration transaction, see here.


No, you cannot receive an overpayment through the payment link that is sent when a specific invoice is shared. The link in the email will only accept up to the outstanding balance of the invoice (or up to the Client's total outstanding balance, as per your settings). However, this is not true for payments made via the Secure Payment Linksee here.

In the case that another payment was made in error while a previous payment was still pending, the excess funds will be placed in the Client's Operating Account.

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