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What Information does Clio Sync Send from Clio to Outlook Contacts?


  • Office 365 Initial Contact Sync


  • Clio Manage
  • Office 365

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The following information is sync'd from Clio to Office 365:

  • First Name, Last Name, Company, and Title
  • The first listed of each email address type in Clio will sync over to the Outlook fields "Email", "Email2", and "Email3"
  • The first listed Home, Work and Other type Addresses. 
  • The first listed of most phone number types in Clio will sync over to Outlook (see below)
  • The first listed website in Clio will sync to the "Web Page" and "Business Home Page" Outlook fields

The following information does not sync to Office 365: 

  • Any "Billing" and "Other" type Addresses
  • "Pager" and "Skype" type Phone Numbers
  • Custom fields
  • Instant Messenger data
  • The LEDES Client ID
  • Notes
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