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What Steps Should I Take If I Suspect That External Parties Have Access to My Login Credentials?


  • How can I protect my account if I think someone else is logged onto it?
  • Things have been created in my account that I don't expect
  • I believe my account has been compromised


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

Note that actions taken in your account may be the taken by 3rd party integrations, or a Contact/Calendar sync (Google, Office 365, or Outlook Desktop). Not all actions taken by integrations or syncs will appear in the Firm Feed. 


  1. Log out all users from your Clio account (see here)
  2. Force a password reset of each suspect user (see here)
  3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication for each suspected user (see here)

You may also want to disable any suspect third party applications from your Clio account (see here)

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