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The Clio-BigLegal integration is available to all BigLegal subscribers and allows users to:

  • Import Files and Folders from Clio
  • Export Files to any Folder location within Clio
  • Create Clio time entries from within BigLegal
  • Use Clio contacts to set up teams and shares in BigLegal


Connecting BigLegal to Clio
Using BigLegal with Clio
Contacting BigLegal Support

Connecting BigLegal to Clio

The first step is having an account on BigLegal, which you can create via the link on BigLegal’s homepage. The BigLegal starter account is free.

To connect your BigLegal account to Clio, go to ‘Account Information’ via the drop-down menu in the top right:

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to ‘Link Clio Account’:

You will then be prompted select your Clio region and to sign in to Clio to authorise the integration:

Once this is done, you have set up your Clio-BigLegal integration.

Using BigLegal with Clio

Importing Files or Folders

To import Files or Folders from Clio into BigLegal navigate to the Upload section of BigLegal via the menu on the top of the screen:

On this page select the Area and Folder into which you want to import files.

  • Areas are either your private ‘My Documents’ Area or shared Team Areas you have access to
  • Folders are like folders on your computer

My Documents is the default option.

Next click the ‘Import From Clio’ button lower on the page.

This loads an expandable list of your Clio Files and Folders. You can select individual Files or Folders. If you select a Folder, BigLegal will import the Folder Structure and contents.

Then click ‘Import’.

Viewing Documents

Imported Files are accessible on the Documents page which you can navigate to via the top menu. Files will be found within the Area and Folder you selected during the import.

Click any document to load it in the BigLegal AI-enhanced document viewer:

The document viewer has the key terms and clauses which BigLegal has identified on the left and the full contract text on the right. Clicking a term or clause automatically scrolls the document to the relevant content.

Exporting Documents to Clio

On the top right of the document viewer page is the button for Clio actions:

The first option is Exporting the document you are viewing to Clio. This button presents the folder structure of the Clio account to select the destination for export:

Sending Time Entries from BigLegal to Clio

The second option is creating time entries within the integrated Clio account directly from a pop-up in BigLegal:

This may be used, for example, if you are reviewing documents on behalf of a client and want to track time for future billing.

Using Clio Contacts for Teams and Sharing on BigLegal

BigLegal also allows you to search your Clio contacts to Share Documents and Create Teams with BigLegal:

A ‘Search Clio Contacts’ box appears in the Share and Teams Areas of BigLegal which operates as a standard search function.

Contacting BigLegal Support

If you have any questions, please email

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