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What Does Each Field In the Add Task Popup Do?


  • Meaning of each area in the Task Modal


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For conventional Tasks:

  1. Task Name: Give the Task a title
  2. Priority: Set a Priority for the Task (either High, Normal, or Low)
  3. Description: Optionally Add additional details for the task
  4. Assignee:
    • Firm User: Toggle between firm Users or Clio Connect users
    • Name: Select the user who should complete the Task 
    • Lock Icon: Toggle between making the Task Public or Private (more information) 
  5. Notifications: Optionally send notification emails
    • If Notify assignee via email is selected, Clio will send an email to the assignee when this Task is created
    • If Notify me when this task is completed is selected, Clio will send you a notification email when this Task is completed 
  6. Task Type: Optionally select a Task Type (more information)
  7. Task Status: Select from a list of Task Statuses (Pending, In Progress, In Review, or Complete)
  8. Time Estimate: Optionally set a Time Estimate (used in the Task Progress Report
  9. Matter: Optionally associate a Matter to the Task
  10. Due at/Due in: Select a due date. If you associate the Task to a Matter that already has one or more Tasks, you can specify a date that is dependent on the due date of those tasks (more information)
  11. Add a Reminder: Optionally add Email or Popup reminders (more information)
  12. Save Buttons
    • To create the Task, and close the Task modal click Save Task
    • To create the Task, and create another Task click Save & Add Another



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