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User Cannot Save a Document from Microsoft Word Directly into Clio Folder in OneDrive


  • I can see the Clio folder when logged into my OneDrive account, but I can't find it when attempting to save a document to it from Microsoft Word.
  • Shared Clio folder doesn't appear when attempting to save from Microsoft Office


  • Clio Manage
  • Microsoft OneDrive

Additional Information:

  • This will only affect OneDrive Users that do not own the 'Clio' folder. If the 'Clio' folder has been shared with the User, they will not be able to save a file from Microsoft Word directly into the shared folder.


  • Microsoft Office will not allow a User to save a file directly into a folder that has not been synced to the Users hard drive using the OneDrive Desktop sync.


Sync the shared 'Clio' folder to the local drive before attempting to save the file directly into the folder from Microsoft Office


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