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The LawPay Integration: Payment Plans

Payment plans simplify and automate credit card billing from within Clio to help firms collect on their receivables, reduce overhead, and deliver a better client experience.  

  • Collect more. Reduce your firm’s collection times and increase cash flow by scheduling recurring payments that automatically apply client deposits to outstanding balances or to future work.
  • Deliver better client service. Make it easy for your clients to pay you on terms that work for them. For clients that can't afford to pay up front, payment plans deliver flexible payment options and enhanced billing services with subscription-like workflows. Subscription-like workflows automatically charge and notify clients of payment, removing the hassle of them manually sending money each time. Replenishing client trust accounts regularly also ensures you always have funds to work their matter.
  • Set and forget. Reduce your firm’s non-billables and spend less time chasing payments. Payment plans automate your firm’s collection process, with no manual follow-up or credit card input required, to help your firm collect what’s owed with zero additional overhead. With every payment received, Clio will update your billing and account information, sending you and your clients details of each successful or failed charge—so you and your clients always know the state of your accounts

The LawPay Integration is required to process the automated payment plan transactions. If you haven't set up the LawPay Integration already, click here to do so.


Setting up a Payment Plan for Bills

For clients with an outstanding balance on their bills that they can't pay all at once or a regular retainer amount, set up an automated payment plan to get paid at regular intervals. To learn how to set up a payment plan, download this printable guide, follow these steps or watch this short video.

  1. Go to the Online Payments page
  2. Click New payment plan
  3. Fill in the payment details, selecting the firm's operating account in the "Deposit to" field.
    This specific payment plan will charge the client $1000 on the first of every month until their bills are all fully paid.

    Click Next step to confirm the payment plan.
  4. Click Create payment plan

Setting up a Payment Plan for Trust Funds

When taking in prepayments or trust funds, you can offer your clients a payment plan if paying the entire amount at once is difficult. To learn how to set up a payment plan, download this printable guide, follow these steps or watch this short video.

  1. Go to the Online Payments page
  2. Click Payment Plans
  3. Click New payment planmceclip0.png
  4. Fill in the payment details, selecting the firm's trust account in the "Deposit to" field.
    This specific payment plan will charge the client $500 every week until $3000 has been deposited into their trust account.

    Note that this client had paid by credit card previously (if entered in Clio by a Firm User, not the Payment Portal), so the LawPay Integration saves that information.

    Click Next step to confirm the payment plan.
  5. Click Create payment plan

Receiving Payments

Automated payments set up through the Payment Plans feature are initiated early in the morning on the specified day. As with all LawPay Integration transactions, allow for 24-48 hours for the payment to be processed and deposited in your account.

Once the payment is processed, you will receive an email notification. Any relevant bills and account ledgers in Clio will also be automatically updated to reflect the new payment.

Editing Payment Plans

To edit an active payment plan, go to the Payment Plans tab of the Online Payments page and click Edit on the payment plan you want to change.

You can edit the next payment date and the payment interval settings. When you're done, click Save payment plan.

To change the client, payment amount, or account, you'll need to stop the payment plan and create a new one.

Stopping Payment Plans

To stop an active payment plan, go to the Payment Plans tab on the Bills page and click Stop on the payment plan you want to cancel.


A confirmation is displayed. Note that if you stop a payment plan, any payments which have already been processed will remain. Future payments will not be processed.

Payment Plans Overview Video


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible for the LawPay Integration? 

Check your eligibility for the LawPay Integration in this article -> Who is Eligible to Use the LawPay Integration?

How are the funds applied to clients with multiple unpaid bills?

Bills that are due first will get paid first.

Are payments processed on weekends? 

No. Payments are processed Monday through Friday at around midnight. That means that a credit card payment made on a Friday should be processed that night but a payment made on a Saturday may not be processed until Monday night.

Are there any permission settings around who can create or edit payment plans?

Only users with the "Billing" permission will be able to create or edit payment plans.

Can payment plan payments, be adjusted to allow a higher (or lower) amount?

No, a payment plan payment link is preset and cannot be adjusted.

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