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Does the Customer Success Team Offer Unlimited Migrations?


  • Migrate data
  • Migrate Multiple times
  • Consistently import data to Clio over time
  • How many migrations can I have?


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No. Clio offers a complimentary Migration service, and we strive to assist subscribers with on-boarding their data to Clio in order to prevent them from having to manually input every Contact and Matter to their account.

Clio's Migration service covers a one-time migration of information that is established during an initial consultation you will have with a Clio Migration Specialist before your migration begins. Once the agreed data is successfully imported, any additional information you would like to add to Clio can be added manually by your firm, or Clio can refer a 3rd party to assist with paid services upon request.

It is assumed (and strongly recommended) once the migration is complete, your firm will continue to use Clio going forward, and avoid entering information into the original product you used prior to transitioning to Clio.

Under very unique circumstances will Clio assist with an additional migration, but again will need to be discussed with a Migration Specialist on a per-request basis to establish whether or not multiple migrations will cause you more problems than necessary.

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