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Do Matters Sync From Clio to QuickBooks Online?


  • Map to sub-accounts in QuickBooks Online
  • Mapping to jobs in QuickBooks Online
  • Mapping to sub-accounts in QuickBooks Online
  • Mapping to QuickBooks Online
  • Export Matters to QuickBooks Online
  • Can I Map Matters in Clio to Jobs in QuickBooks Online?


  • Clio Manage
  • QuickBooks Online

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No, not at this time. Bills for Matters in Clio will associate with the Customer in QuickBooks Online. Currently, the integration does not map to Jobs or Sub-accounts in Quickbooks and does not pull Matters from Clio to QuickBooks Online. 

You will find the Matter Number in the Memo column in QuickBooks Online, for any payments made on an invoice in Clio. 

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