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Canadian User Receiving a Postal Code Error when Attempting to Pay via Clio Payments


  • When confirming to make a payment via Clio Payments, a Canadian payee receives the error message: "The credit card information is invalid or incomplete. The merchant account requirements may have changes. Please re-enter the credit card information." The user also receives a follow up email specifying that the payment failed due to an invalid postal code.


  • Clio Manage
  • LawPay

Additional Information:



  • By default, the country of the payee will list as the United States. As such, when a Canadian payee enters a postal code the system is expecting a U.S. zip code and will produce an error.
  • While multiple check boxes are available in the Edit screen, most of them are optional. You will only need to select Country and State. 


  1. In LawPay go to Settings
  2. Click to Edit the operating account
  3. Check the boxes next to Country and State
  4. Click Save


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