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What is the Difference Between Sharing a Document via Clio Connect or Link


  • Comparing different methods of Sharing Documents 
  • Document Share via link expiry time frame
  • How long do I have to access a Document when sharing it via link?
  • How long does a link last when a share a document


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Additional Information:

Documents: Sharing Files and Folders


Sharing a Document via Clio Connect provides the recipient access to the document through the free Clio Connect portal.  When you first share a resource using this method, the user will be prompted to create their own email and password combination which they can use going forward to view any items that you share. Access to documents shared this way will be indefinite, or until you stop sharing.You can use this option to share individual files, or entire folders at once.

Sharing via link, the client will be able to access the document by clicking the link in the email, but the link shared expires after 7 days. You can use this option to share individual files. 

Sharing via either method will prompt an email to the recipient, notifying them that a document has been shared with them. 

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