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Is there a Way to Edit Invoice Information that Pushes to LawPay?


  • To determine if the information in LawPay can be edited regarding Invoice and Payments


  • Clio Manage
  • LawPay

Additional Information:

For example, I have sent out a Trust Request, and when I view it in lawpay it says: "Clio Payment for Trust Request #7". This doesn't give me any information on who the client is."


Yes, you can edit your Invoice ID number to show the information you want, it will accept an alpha-numeric entry.  However, if you list a Client Name there, you will have to do so manually each Invoice that is generated.  As the Billing ID scheme is setup for numerical values, the next Invoice ID # will generate from the last highest in the system.   Please refer to: How to Override the Default Bill Numbering Scheme

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