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How to Revoke Access and Relink Xero


  • Reconnect Xero
  • Disconnect Xero
  • Unlink Xero


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

If you revoke Xero access, and then re-link to the same account, then Clio and Xero will automatically re-connect. This won't cause any changes in the Bills in Xero if any changes have been made after Bills have synced over. 

Please note that this will cause duplicate Contact errors, so please do the below with caution:

For Clio to completely forget that it was linked to the Xero account, and to re-sync the information over, you will want to link it to a different Xero account before re-linking it to the original Xero account. (Unlink from Xero account A>Link to Xero account B>Unlink from Xero account B>Link with Xero Account A). This will cause Clio to remember that it was ever linked to Xero account A, and Clio will try to re-send all the information over again.


  1. Go to Settings in Clio
  2. Select Bill Syncing
  3. Select Xero
  4. Click Revoke Access
  5. Click Link Xero Account
  6. Sign into Xero, if prompted
  7. Click Allow access


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