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How Can I Print My Screen in Clio?


  • Print my screen accurately
  • Print out Clio information with the proper formatting and layout


  • Clio Manage


  1. Navigate to the Clio page you want to print
  2. Ensure that the information you want to print is displayed on the page
  3. Press ctrl+p (or cmd+p on Mac) to bring up the print menu
  4. Click print


  • In the print menu, you can click between landscape mode and portrait mode to see which mode captures the information you're looking to print
  • If you can't fit all the information you're trying to print, try exporting your information as a PDF and then printing the PDF. For more information, click here.
  • Use tabloid size (11x17) paper settings to print out more information
  • Using a newer browser like Chrome is recommended, Internet Explorer may not work with this process


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