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How to Generate a UTBMS Code Summary Report using Excel


  • Report on which UTBMS codes are being used
  • UTBMS / LEDES Report
  • Activity Code / Task Code Summary
  • Using a PivotTable to create a report


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

For more information on Pivot Tables and Excel, here's a good tutorial to get you started.


  1. Download Activities Export as a CSV
  2. Open CSV in Excel
  3. Click any cell that contains text
  4. Type CTRL+A to Select All
  5. Click on Insert on the top ribbon, then click PivotTable​

  6. On the Create PivotTable window, simply click OK

  7. On the PivotTable Fields sidebar, drag the following fields to their respective areas:
    • Activity Category → Rows
    • Hours → Values (Sum of Hours)
    • Amount → Values (Sum of Amount)

  8. Your screen should look like this:
  9. And here is the final Report:
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