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EffortlessLegal’s EffortlessIntake automates your intake process!


We make interviewing new clients effortless. Potential new clients can sign up directly from your website, or can be sent a direct invite link.


EffortlessIntake comes with several ready-to-use intake forms, or you can customize your own.


Our application automates preliminary conflict checks while integrating seamlessly with Clio. You can facilitate everything in one place – no more interview scheduling, client travel and rescheduling issues, paperwork, or data entry to get new clients set up in your system.


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Connecting EffortlessIntake to Clio
Using EffortlessIntake with Clio
Contacting EffortlessIntake Support

Connecting EffortlessIntake to Clio

Once you have signed up for an EffortlessLegal account and have logged in, select the EffortlessIntake application to begin.

Clio Integration Bar

  1. To add Clio’s integration bar, select the “Settings” tab on the right-hand side. Select the toggle button next to “Integration Bars” to activate the Clio integration bar.
  2. Clio’s integration bar will then appear above EffortlessIntake’s platform. You can now select any of the integrated tabs available in Clio’s integration bar.

Clio Sign In

  1. To link your Clio account to EffortlessIntake, select “Sign in to Clio” at the bottom of the “Settings” tab.
  2. A separate window will appear prompting you to enter your Clio credentials to sign in. Enter your Clio email and password and then select “Sign In.” Another window will appear to authorize access. Select “ALLOW ACCESS.”
  3. You will then be redirected back to EffortlessIntake. You can see at the bottom of the “Settings” tab that you are now connected to Clio.


Using EffortlessIntake with Clio

To import a new client’s information into Clio, follow the steps listed below.

  1. After a potential new client has submitted their intake form, select “Review Applicants.” Select the potential client’s name under the “Name” tab colored in blue.
  2. The potential client’s intake form will open. You can surf through their information to review.
  3. Once you have reviewed their intake form, you will see at the bottom of the page that you are still logged in to Clio. Enter a “Matter description” and select “Export” to upload the intake form to Clio.
  4. The exported file (here, “Jane Doe Auto Accident Intake Form”) will then automatically upload to Clio. Select the “Documents” tab within Clio to view. You can either view, share, edit, rename, move, add time, trash or preview the document all within Clio.

Contacting EffortlessIntake Support

If you would like more information or would like to contact our support team, please contact us at (800) 427-5510 or

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