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My Client Doesn't Have the Pay Online Now Button


  • To determine why Clients cant pay bills via Clio Payments
  • Pay online now button
  • My bill is in draft state, why is there no Pay Online button?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:


1. If you share the Bill in a draft stage, the client will not have the Pay online now button. You will need to approve the Bill for the client to see the Pay online now button. If the firm is not subscribed to Clio Payments they will not have that option. Note: we do want to allow Clio Users to send draft bills out. In some cases, a firm sends drafts of bills to clients for approval prior to approving the bill in Clio.

2. If the Bill is in Unpaid status, double check to see if Clio Payments has been mapped to LawPay. To do this follow the steps below or click the article above for more information:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under Clio Settings, click on Clio Payments
  3. Add Connections (For Bill payments, you want to make sure that the Operating Account in Clio is mapped to the Operating account in LawPay

Please contact Clio Support if above steps do not resolve. 

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