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How do I Upload a Document to the Clio IOS App


  • Upload a Document to Clio's IOS APP
  • Upload a Document using an IPhone or IPad
  • Add files to Clio using the IOS App


  • Clio IOS App

Additional Information:

  • You can also add documents to Clio from certain iOS apps. For example, you can upload audio recordings to Clio directly from the "Voice Memo" app. For details, see the "Uploading a Voice Memo to Clio" article.
  • The Scansnap option will populate if a document was already saved through the Scansnap application.


  1.  In the IOS App, tap on the "+" symbol at the bottom right corner of the screen 
  2. Tap "Document" in the menu
  3. On the "New Document" screen, the default "File" source will be "Camera" but you can select either "Take a photo", "Upload from camera roll", or "Upload from files".  The camera option allows you to take a photo of a document, while the gallery option allows you to select an existing image
  4. Select the upload source and file
  5. Tap the "Done" link at the top of the screen 
  6. Tap "Choose a file to upload"

    Once you have taken the photo or selected the image, you can view a preview. You will then need to populate the Description and Matter fields.

    You can also change the file name if necessary

  7. Once populated, tap the "Save" link to add the document


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