KCS - How do I make a Referral Request on the Clio Referrals Network?


  • To request a referral through the Clio Referrals Network to an attorney who can help your client with a matter in a location and area of law you specify.


  • Clio Referrals Network (beta) program

Additional Information:

  • To learn more about the Clio Referrals Network (beta) program click here.
  • To learn more about responding to a referral request you have received click here.
  • Email any other questions to referrals@clio.com.


  • Send an email to referrals@clio.com and state in the email that you are looking to refer your client to an attorney in the Clio Referrals Network. Also, please list the city and state where the client is seeking advice, as well as the applicable area of law.

  • We will notify you whether we have any attorneys in the relevant area and if so, you can send us a brief description of the matter. We will share this description with the relevant attorneys to find out if they are interested in taking the work.

  • Do not include any personally identifying or confidential information about the client or their case.

  • If any attorneys we contact are interested in the work, we will email you with information about the attorneys such as their location, area(s) of practice, date called to the bar, public bar discipline matters as applicable, and any other information which may be useful in deciding whether or not to contact the attorney.

  • If you wish to contact one or more of the attorneys who respond, we will put you in touch with them.

  • Referral requests can only be made by existing Clio users.

  • There is no fee for requesting or making a referral.
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