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How do I Handle a Matter With an Initial Flat Fee, and an Hourly Rate Billed After Exceeding a Specific Number of Hours?


  • Client paid a flat rate for x hours and will be billed hourly after they've exceeded those hours


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:



While Clio does not currently have any features that directly address this, you can use the following guidelines to manually achieve this billing structure:

  1. Create the Matter as "Flat Rate:" How to Create a Flat Fee Matter
    • This will create a flat fee entry
  2. Track your time on the Matter, which will default to the rate of 0
  3. Prior to billing (or whenever needed), filter the Matter Activities to see the time entered for that month: How to Filter Unbilled Time Entries within a Date Range
  4. If the entries have exceeded the specified amount covered by the flat fee, edit the extra entries in bulk to apply the correct rate (How to Bulk Edit Time Entries)


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