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When a Client Pays by Credit Card, Will Their Information Be Stored in Clio?


  • Accept credit card payments through Clio Payments
  • Store credit card information in Clio
  • Store credit card information in LawPay
  • Pay by credit card via Clio Payments
  • If I stop a Payment Plan, and create a new one will I need to re-enter the credit card information?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

The credit card information is encrypted and stored on LawPay's servers.


No, the credit card information is not stored in Clio, it is stored on LawPay's server.

If the payment made through a Payment Plan or if a Clio User records a payment on the Bill through Clio, then the credit card info will be remembered for the next time that a Clio User makes a payment for that Client through Clio.

If the payment is entered by the Client (i.e. through Clio Connect or through a Bill shared via email), then they will have access to that credit card number to automatically fill in the Payment details next time that they make a payment themselves (but this will not accessible from the Clio User). This does not include payments made through the Secure Payment Link.

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