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Error: "Folder Does Not Exist, or the Link Has Been Lost" When Using 3rd Party Document Integration


  • Client or Matter Folders show the error "Folder does not exist, or the link has been lost" 
  • Third-party Document Source not syncing one or multiple folders but other folders sync with no issue 
  • Folders unlinked
  • Folders renamed in Document Source/Windows Explorer/Finder breaking links in Clio


  • Clio Manage
  • Document Sources (Dropbox, OneDrive, Box)

Additional Information:



This usually occurs because the folders were renamed from Document Source or the connected Windows Explorer or Finder windows. 

If the below steps don't resolve this issue, please contact Clio Support. 


  1. Open the Documents tab of the affected Client or Matter
  2. Upon seeing "Folder does not exist, or the link has been lost," press Create Folder
  3. Verify in Document Source folder on the integration website that the new folder has been created and if necessary, copy the files from the old folder that Clio doesn't recognize to the folder that Clio just created 
  4. Repeat for any affected files   
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